Перевод песни Milla – Lovely

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
And it used to all be just so lovely
Discoveries pertaining to sensations whenever she would touch me
If of similar characteristics to unfolding the Sun
The warmest phenomenon found from holding just One —
Soul, so close and with the highest regard
Because to me that is like having the ability to reach the Stars
Or better yet, dancing wild amongst the planets
But I’m a hopeless romantic so I don’t expect her to understand it
Managing frantic inklings makes it hard to grow
But in my search for True Love, I know I have so far to go
And these bars will show this emptiness deep
Chest heavy, thoughts racing, as my Heart gently weeps
I speak with a firm belief held in Yesterday
That the troubles I’m struggling with, were all so far away
But now they are here to stay with the honesty of tomorrow
And all that frame contains are only the promises of sorrow
I have followed her with a fervor that fills the Void
But now I’ve lost her, which properly kills the Joy
Still the noise of her departure echoes in my room
While the music from my Heart strings sing the saddest tunes
My sadness blooms a haze that envelopes my days
Washing away all the colors leaving only shades of gray
And her disappearance causes a Solar collapse
For now my bed that we laid upon is colder than the Polar Caps
My shoulders crack beneath this tragedy
Even the madness catches up to me atop this starlit canopy
But am I stubborn or stupid to still wish she were here
Cause she advances further from me with every crashing tear
Connection was music so this is the worst type of hurt
If I have no inspiration, how can I be Art of?
But now this lonely drudgery is always tugging me
I recall when it used to all be just so lovely…
I recall when it used to all be just so lovely…
I recall when it used to all be just so lovely…