Перевод песни Gordon Vincent – Too Short to Be a Man

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Walk on the water, baby
I’m the man
I raise them cripples up With my hand
I raised old Lazarus
From the dead
That ain’t no tatoo
That’s a halo on my head
She said, that’s very true
But from where I stand
You’re kind of short to be a man
I may be short, baby
But I wrote the book
I brought old Rome down
Right where it stood
I fed a nation
With a crust of bread
They tried to kill me But I rose from the dead
She said, that’s very nice
I’m so glad you’re alive!
What kind of sports car do you drive
My baby don’t know me I don’t know why
She just don’t want me How hard I try
My baby don’t love me For who I am She said, you’re kind of short to be my man
I ain’t no angel
I ain’t no saint
Jesus, please help me To be all the things I ain’t
I tried to tell her that
I want to be her friend
I tried to say
We are all the same in the end
She said, that’s very true
I might just be damned but
You’re kind of short to be a man