Перевод песни Siti Noor Firdaus Carroll, Mark Richard Carroll, Richard Owen Cornelison, Donald Eugene Lindner Jr. – Forever In The Stars

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«Hey. what’s going on out there?
What’s going on?
Are you listening to me?
Are you listening?»
I had a vision in my head
There’s a place in my dreams
And when it’s happening
I run to you
Oh God please tell me
This is not a glimpse
Cos I want
Can’t believe it’s true
I heard the moon whispering
This is for me
I’ve seen the pictures and the smile
On your face
Yeah I left everything
Drop everything
Oh I… just to be with you
Cos I want to
Yeah I want to
I will be here and you are near
Now I’m near and you are here
For you I’m here, for you my dear
Aaah (Forever in the stars)
Even the trees know that I need you so
Do you remember the birds in the morning?
Prophesized. she prophesized
Yeah. it’s true
Oh Lord… She knows the truth!
Even though I know
It’s hard to let them go
This is true
This is new
This is you…
Forever in the stars…