Перевод песни Soulcracker – 16 Oz.

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in my cave i ache and crave your company
waiting on precious son to come to me
im so lonely but you hold me in my mind
love and miss me
hug and kiss me all the time
how could i love anyone
why do i ruin everything i touch everything i see everything for her everything
in me everything i love everything i need
dont you bother loving father with my soul
im the one who does not want to be made whole
im so lonely but its only in my mind
still yoiu kiss me
say youll miss me all the time
i need you to come into my open heart
i need you when all i do falls apart
im so lonely but you told me not to cry
keep on saying heavens waiting when i die
so long
its so long
with you dancing every chance at love was in my sights…