Перевод песни Mario Treadway and Samuel Pohner – Left Alone

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Satisfaction is always guaranteed /
Whether walking on land /
Or floating over the ocean /
Musically I’ve written words that carry me /
Through the everglades of time /
Your page a galaxy / Sophisticated /
I saw a fist I saw it raise it was in hatred /
Gaia vs Satan / My mind is contemplating /
It’s funny how we’re related /
Started as a seed and then a dream /
An years later / We all come together again /
The world of life it seems to spin inside an endless circle /
The laws of virtue / Let it ascend we’re all innocent /
They’ve got us confused on how to live /
What really went wrong / I call for peace and love /
An use music as meditation write it in your song /
That’s the healing of the nation /
It’s not a secret or hard to find /
It’s your soul breaking free from a human paradigm /
She sings us letters and little la la byes /
Beauty my friends is always within you /
Your deep feelings can save you and guide you /
No disguise will ever truly hide you /
Beauty my friends is always in you /
It’s always in you /
It’s daily rapping that is powered by adrenaline /
Focused on a lotus that’s heaven sent /
I turned the card ace face up /
You can’t blame anyone but yourself /
Filthy rich could mean rotten in wealth /
Pardon my speech / The thought has been dealt /
A part of my heart is categorized as a carnival /
See you later I’m going in to the zone /
Father look, your small child is a man /
Slowly on his own he had to formulate his plan /
Perception is a boundary until you take a stand /
Feet deeply rooted and planted to hold your ohm /
Canalization of your imagination / Free Spirit /
Living to know the knowledge of the un-known /
Word lyric / Powerful like a hieroglyphic /
See the sun as it’s setting like its soaking in to the sea /
Cycles of energy /
We shall never ever stop this music it is created /
By sacred ancient beings / If seeing is believing /
Got to know what you believing or you won’t be seeing /
Simplicity in motion / I can see the beauty in your eyes /
When we are talking often just sparking a small conversation /
Visions of a vacant place to lay naked underneath a blanket /
Thank the time I have as a poet that can rap /
Know my place in the universe and keep it versatile /
Situations they always change like my pages /
An preparation for the mystery is amazing /
To play the game of life it’s fun to know what you are facing /
Facing all your phases / Dancing in the matrix /
I wear an amethyst stone as a necklace /
See through the mist of the morning with a smile /