Перевод песни Mario Treadway and Samuel Pohner – Ohm Word Bound

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Honest and full of confidence /
I call to all the people that are /
Living in establishments /
Monumental movements /
Homeward bound /
Words break down walls /
Created in our minds /
I have illusions /
Hard daze confused kid /
Confucius it’s fusion the love movement /
Come on /
Put the pharmies away /
I’d love to be a farmer but it’s hard these days /
When where living in limits we’re not in outer space /
Where in it / yep
Pause while I look at the stars / see reflections /
Smile at the present / monkeys in a bucket we love it /
Living in a ball of wisdom /
Quickly make your decision /
I’m just a basket weaver /
Dream catcher threw a penny in the old well /
See that music is a healing art / relax and be well /
When given these gifts and its these gifts we go give /
From the spirit of the Earth and the soul of the kids /
Sing it /
I’ve got a good feeling I know it /
I see the beauty its flowing /
Golden rays of light are shining on our door steps /
Just a few thoughts from Souleye the Martian /
I’m marching along, walking on a road /
Thinking out loud I am finally close /
Reaching the center toward something that glows /
It’s like yoga through a flow ancient arithmetic /
Mystic a normal kid who’s connecting the glyphs /
Which is why I meditate before I go and write this /
Excellent measurements of times that we’ve spent /
One kind we’ve all arrived from a higher sense /
A million smiles on earth as it is in heaven /
We’re fighting our brethren /
We need to be breathing and mending /
This is my intention /
Created through three forms of intuition /
Mind, body, and soul that’s the expedition /
A simple walk through memory lane /
Stay focused and motivated yeah we’ve got to maintain /
What /
So as I’m walking down the road /
I’m thinking this / pull the omens out the air /
There is something in the mist /
I could close my eyes and feel that this is /
As close as it gets / see tonight the black flies /
I’m simplifying the rhyme by breaking the puzzle pieces /
Bounce back you know you truly got to get it /
While we be riding in on the mother ship to Zen /
We planning out a strategy take your time in life /
Be patient and you will finally see /
Your spine is a cord to the Earth /
There is a reason why it rhymes with divine /
Vines are wrapping up around my arms /
In the mist of the morning /
I was writing a song / switching words up for people /
Make them sing along / life is let’s start to manifest peace /
The beast is you if you’re not going inside to fight the beast /
We all must reach the same point /
To be able to transcend / When I am seventy /
I hope to be a kid again /
Sitting on a park bench / Harmonize with old friends /
All done the hustling / Like Simon and Garfunkel /
Lent me there pen to write /
A warrior till the day death dies /