Перевод песни Scott Troyer – Wish I Woulda Learned to Fly

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Commandeer cars and trucks that everybody thought they’d drive away.
Keep ‘em at the house — at the party’s where they got to stay.
Watch ‘em through the window as they walk away in anger.
Saved ‘em from their death but they never saw the danger.
Ain’t it how it always goes? It always seems to go that way.
Even now I’ve lost some how.
What do I gotta say?
Standin' on the window ledge waitin' for the firemen to come.
Hopin' and a prayin' that they get here ‘fore the fire is done.
Never thought I’d have to choose how I was gonna die.
Now I’m standin' here facin' flames or the falling sky.
I don’t think I’m ready. No, this can’t be my time.
It’s a long way down to the ground.
Wish I woulda learned to fly.