Перевод песни My Anchor Holds – Dirty Jesus

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I know a man who came to earth
from the belly of a girl
to a barnyard birth
He slept with the beasts
and she sat in the mud
very few recognized the cries of their God
but He came in the dark
and in flesh He’s with us
that’s how I know the Dirty Jesus
calloused and muddied are His hands
from healing the blind
and tracing the sand
the King of Kings on hands and knees
scruffy and sweaty
and tempted like me
it’s worth it for Him
to get messy to clean us
the filthy, unwanted know the Dirty Jesus
well, death came up empty
when the tomb laid bare
now you won’t find the Dirty Jesus there
still to this day, He’s alive in me
throughout the messes in my life
oh, He is saving
He felt pain and He died
but in death He frees us
that’s why I love the Dirty Jesus