Перевод песни Terry Taylor – Jesus Is Jehovah to Me

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I can tell you’re a sincere man
And I’m tryin' my best to understand
But your words are confusin', it seems you’re abusin'
God’s Word that’s there in your hand
Now a Christian you say you are
But that’s stretchin' the Truth much too far
'Cause in Christ I doubt you believe
And Jesus is Jehovah to me
Jesus is Jehovah to me
He’s Lord and He’s King of Kings
Almighty God is He
Jesus is Jehovah to me
Now we both have said that the Lord’s commin' back
And you’ve more than once stated that fact
Now it seems rather odd, if your prophets of God
Your dates have been so far off the track