Перевод песни Jacob Kjaer / Henrik Brockmann – Traces of Fire

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
The sound of the engines are roaring
Machines taking over tonight
They came from the sky without warning
And cut through the air like a knife
Unbreakable, you lose control — it' s getting cold
Insanity, like misery — your destiny
Traces of fire are burning on the ground
Nowhere to run, there' s nowhere to hide
You' re going under
Traces of fire they' re falling all around
Caught in a blast of flashes and light
A rolling thunder — Traces of fire
Destroying the walls you' re creating
Too late now there is no escape
Attacking the world you' re protecting
And counting the steps that you take
Get moving — go faster, you' re playing with disaster
Don' t stop running now it' s coming your way
Go hiding — of face it, your call is to defeat it
Rise above your fear and get through the day — and fight