Перевод песни Marc Douglas Berardo – Franklinville

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The crow was putting them down in kelly’s place
with a face that looked like a loaded gun
he turned to me and said: i would be a fool if i told you there weren’t times i
wanted to run,
but i got kids to feed and children who need clothes
with shoes that need new soles
and i got a rusted ford and wife who snores and a lot of prayers into the lord
so behind closed doors i pray
if i could make it out of franklinville
you know i will never be back again
There ain’t nowhere to go on state road 46
out here in the sticks of new york state
and the big snowstorms will cut you down for weeks
oh and no one speaks watching tv over the bar
showing the trucks backed up in buffalo
and the dirty snow piling on the ground
the icy winds blowing off lake ontario
are all you need to know to keep you hunkered down
here in franklinville
where you know it will all be back again
You see, me and the crow we was born here and we’re gonna die here
that’s the way it goes
and we lost a little heart when the tool plant closed and we loose a little more
every time it snows
so late at night we drive to the interstate
and shine those headlights on the road
pull one from the bottle we stole from kelly’s place
and raise a glass to the nowhere to go
and i sing