Перевод песни Stanley Demaree, Derek Monyhan, Dustin Tucker, Justin Reid, Ron Ping – Bar Room

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Well I went down to Mama Duke’s bar room
And I pulled me up a chair
The drinks were strong as usual
And the usual crowd was there
To my left sat Cho Joe Bogando
And his eyes were bloodshot red
He turned to the crowd around him
These are the very words he said
«Well I went up to Camp Telapac boy
And I seen my lady there
Stretched out on a pickanick table
No clothes she was naked and bare
Well let her go let her go God bless her
Whoever she may see
Well she can search this wide world over
Never find a good man like me
Now when I die please bury me
Under some rocks by the railroad tracks
With the forty bottle in my left hand
So my crew will I know I died relaxed
Give me six weed smokers as my pallbearers
And a band to play my song
And a wild ass mob of them Villebilly folks to cause ruckus as we roll along
We roll along
We roll along
We roll along
(Take care of it partner)
We out on the streets-uh
And the goin' gets tough-uh
Get ready to fight-uh
Get ready to fight
Desire (yeah!)
When it all goes down
Get ready to run through the fire (fire!)