Перевод песни Derek Monyhan, William Young – Babies

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I’m that heated mitten Kedem sittin' vehemently flip the nine
And it wasn’t me who couldn’t be for ya lyin'
My name is Child I’m a giant
On the night of the 13th I was at home alibiin'
They looked at me they was smilin'
It was that self-satisfied smug smirk make me violent
I walked towards them I was stridin'
They didn’t know that I spit fire because I was chewin' Trident
So I shook my head and stomped my foot I started blazin'
It was a hell hotter than Arizona I was raisin'
Child think about the babies
Child we’re foaming at the mouth because it looks like you got rabies
Ain’t no god is gonna save me
Some piggies go to Heaven an' some piggies go to Hades
Weigh the options where you gonna go
I got my hands inside the fire and my feet are in the snow