Перевод песни Stanley Demaree, Derek Monyhan, Dustin Tucker, Timothy Bernauer, Justin Reid, Ron Ping – One Shot

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Im always high, im always late
Im never on time but im feelin great i think
Ive been down that road before
Oppertunity’s never at my door i sing them blues
To get my way
I won’t pay attention to a thing u
Say i got my
Money i got my wine
One shot short of a good ol' time
Im one. shot. away
From feelin ok
Im just one, shot. away
And i really dont give a damn what
You think yeah yeah!
You can take your time cause i dont deserve it
And if your lookin for oh yeah im drinkin bourbon
Just sittin at the bar with a couple of drunks
And ill be kicked up out the house in a couple months
Im runnin outta money i dont wanna go home
Bartender throw a doggy a bone
Years from now on my own
Gonna be makin my way
Just one more shot til im feelin o--kay!
Camera sick youre feelin sick but your ok
Youre in a smoking room drinkin a bottle of opana
Youre check was last because you called in friday
Got drunk thursday; ur still thirsty
You turn to ur girl and say baby it hurts me
That you give me hastle when i get drunk early
You say youve only had a few but you know that
Yous a damn lie so you reach for some more jack
She gon leave u in this place tomorrow
You gon have ta pay you won’t have to feel
A thing cause youre only a shot away