Перевод песни jason albertini – Down In That Burning

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Still out, it’s been too many days now
These black dots driving me insane
Standing loud, how the hell should they know?
Not right, won’t you just go away?
These sounds, getting old
Won’t be longer
We’ll be risen
Stoves behind the sun
Burnin' out, fading away
Hold your fire
Go up the river
There’s more of these there
Don’t you walk
It’s not your words
That define what you say
Gypsies wise
In the meantime, you go your own wrong way
You held off, so long
Expecting no one to come up your way
Ducking mirror’s trends
Temper about the fire
Across yourself, get out
How could you sell us out?
Just to save yourself
Doubt you remember me brave
Remember who pulled you out?
Go on, erase this
Rest easy
I’ll see you in hell my friend
The devil’s own, they keep their own
The devil’s own