Перевод песни Daniele Amato – Fringe

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I don’t know where to start
Maybe from the night when
You took my heart
I saw you running away from me
And then all crumbled down to you
My battered heart
Can’t take no more your eyes
Spawn serpents of light
The cage of my life is opening
Unfolding memories of him
Dead memories of him
And I don’t know why
I lost my mind
Wash yourself your bloodstained eyes
Don’t forget we’re born to die
Will you see me in a dream
I’ll see you in a dream
In shape of ashes
Burnt out skin
We’ve lost ourselves
Lost in a dream that turned
That turned to nightmare
This sickness is all I’m seeing
Skies are blackening, pale your eyes
Your hollow eyes
Into the blue
Nothing will ever be the same
The pattern is almost complete
As you are left to bleed
As you are left to rise