Перевод песни Stanley Porter – Fortress

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The Lord is my shepherd and I’m satisfied. I’ve got what I need: Jesus Is
Sometimes I get lonely, down in despair. I take it to my God, I know He
answers my prayer.
Enemies surround me, setting traps for my soul. Gotta keep focusing on my
goal: gotta let them know
Greater is the Lord that lives inside of me than he that is in the world
I’ve got the victory!
Jesus is my fortress: Took the curse from my life and made me blessed.
I don’t have to be afraid; I’m rollin' with Christ and I got it made.
It’s always good to know the Lord is on my side, in His arms I can abide
No mountain is too high, no valley is too deep. Jehovah hears my cry and I
Angels got my back in every battle that I face. I don’t worry 'bout
provision; God’s grace is sufficient.
No weapon that is formed shall accomplish anything. That’s the reason I can
Me and Christ we like homies for life, much respect due for all the pain
that He went through
Now I’ma always hold it down with the sound that will turn your life
around; break the devil down
Peep the rhyme flow comin' from the Effervescent, I’m always blessed kid,
never stressin', study my lessons
I keep growin' like a beanstalk; speed knots I give to demons make the
devil wake up screaming.
It’s the demon slayer comin' from the house of prayer; walk your city with
more authority than your mayor.
My source of power’s spiritual manifested in lyrical form I get reborn
every time I get my praise on.
I see clearly ‘cause the rain is gone, read the Word in the storm and it
made me strong.
Some cats be losin' focus like a broken camera, living life without Christ:
they try’n to box with no stamina
I’ma still be standin' in the last round yo; for every blow the devil throw
I got a brand new flow we bumped
Heads before and to prove it I got scars. When this battles over, I’ll
still be shining like a star.
I’m on the rise my destination is beyond the skies, my enemies read your
destiny in Psalm 35.
Realize: I still progress because I’m blessed by his Royal Highness and you
could never penetrate my fortess
Holy, Holy, Holy Is the Lord
Faithful, Faithful, Faithful Is the Lord
I’ve never known Jesus to let me down, placed my feet on solid ground
Never known a love like this before, got me comin' back for more
Oh the blood of Jesus
I can sing and shout; he has brought me out!