Перевод песни Reynolds and Reynolds – Control

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Midnight, feel heat rise from the cement
sirens, they ring out like epithets
red flag on the front page worn through headlines
a propaganda war, baby dont go out tonight
you fight like hell, to pretend or deny within yourself
Failure, not worth what you have to spend
forever, a second-class citizen
Madison Avenue reality? Step back!
trying to buy me but I wont submit to that
I dream, drink, drag with no flag in my hand
innocence is my dissent
One drop, ripple widens
downpour, aint subsiding
rain down, keep on falling
pouring down, or hear no more voices calling out
Martyr, poetically slit your writs
pariah, for those who try to resist
if you aint been warned, do not assimilate
no love, no time nor reciprocity
nearing the day youll be shot at if you run
cant wait to go underground when the time comes
Censored, opinions are not obscene
rise up, or bow down on your knees
our brothers and sisters forced to separate
new thought control through isolation
you gotta face the facts or break down and conform
whose side are you on, how long will you wait for?
Anger, as sure as our blood is red
heaven, you never can second guess
another frontier torn apart
but if a voice is a weapon, mine is a machine gun
were not too late, no its not out of our hands
innocence will be our dissent
One drop, ripple widens
downpour, ohh and it aint subsiding
rain down, keep on falling
tear it down, or hear no more voices calling
one drop, ripple widens
downpour, or in to silence