Перевод песни Dave Burlingame – River Gap

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It’s a 3 more miles 'til I hit the river gap
Slippin down the highway sleepin in the back
Got a hand on the wheel and the other on the phone
30 more days 'til I’m comin back home
Now when I was young my papa said son
Don’t waste your life waitin for your time to come
The world out there is big and round
And if you wanna find your destiny you got to shake it down
So I got me a job playin music with a band
Workin town to town and a eatin mouth to hand
Livin on the road and lovin when I can
Well I guess that’s the life of a travelin mannn
Well we pulled into town with some time to spare
The drummer he’s a bummer cause he’s gonna broke a snare
Over in the corner there’s Anne Marie
Well she’s the cutest thing that I ever did see
Now here comes Annie she’s a boppin cross the floor
Lookin pretty trippy in the hippy dress she wore
Singin come with me daddy, take off a load
Said I’d like to pretty baby but I gotta hit the road
Now there’s a girl I know in the next little town
She likes to come and see me whenever I’m around
She loves me hard and she leaves me sore
And she kicks me in the head as she throws me out the door
Well I like sugar and I like spice
But I’m a savin up my lovin for a girl that treats me nice
And I ain’t much for settlin down
So if she wants to be my baby then she’ll have to tag along
Well hey there joe why you movin so slow
Put the pedal to the metal come on let’s go
Now wait a minute buddy we gotta make a stop
Cause our gas is gettin low and the motor’s runnin hot
Well jump down turn around fill 'er up again
Get another cup of coffee and change for a ten
Gotta keep movin hate to slow down cause ridin down the road is the place that
I belong
Repeat chorus
(3 more miles till I hit the river gap)
I’m a slippin' down the highway, sleepin in the back
(3 more miles till I hit the river gap)
Gonna keep movin forward never lookin back
(3 more miles till I hit the river gap)
I been thinkin bout the last girl talkin bout the next show
(3 more miles till I hit the river gap)
Well I gotta be trippin cause I wanna keep slippin down the highway
Slippin down the highway, trippin down the highway
30 more days till I’m comin back home