Перевод песни Dave Burlingame – Feet On the Ground

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Thumbing up the road all day, my feet were getting sore,
When a girl slowed up in a pick up truck and she opened up her door.
The sweetest thing I’d ever seen with hair that’s thick and long,
Said I’d like some company tonight, why don’t you come along?
Now my head is in the clouds, but my feet are on the ground.
She got me feeling good, my spirit’s up and the sun is shining down.
Well I was afraid that the love we made was just a one night stand.
So I said good bye, I packed my bag and I took off with the band.
Well the other night to my delight she called me on the phone,
And said I miss you madly and I need you badly, baby when are you comin home?
She’s got to be an angel sent to me from heaven up above.
Cause she’s always on my mind, and she’s looking oh so fine,
You know she’s the only one I’m thinking of.
I thank the lord above!
Cause she makes me go ooh.
And she makes me say oh.
And she makes me go who-wee!
Yeah she makes me want to jump and shout, and tell everyone I know!
Cause every night she hold me tight, it makes me hate to sleep alone.
And her milk and honey kisses make me shiver to the bone.
So if you see me sittin', staring, wearing a foolish grin,
Well I’m contemplating when I’m gonna see that girl again.