Перевод песни Kris Nowak – Stealin' Away My Heart

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My mother raised me right, she said when someone does you wrong
You turn away the other cheek and try to move along
It’s so much easier said than it is done
I still remember the day you walked in to my life
Bob Dylan tried to warn me of all the future strife
That would come along if I fell in love with a girl too young
But your beauty had its grip on me, and such a personality
Had paralyzed me from the very start
So even if I tried to leave, even if I could have seen
Still you would have broken me apart
So I could never forgive you for stealin away my heart
Some say it’s better to forgive, that it’s better to forget
So tell me why I’m left here with this feeling of regret
While it’s true I know that I did nothing wrong
I still remember those evenings with you, I held you tight
Feeling I was loved and that loving you was right
It was so easy then for us to get along, just singing songs
Oh, but the girl I knew was out of key, badly out of step with me
Yeah, she left me silent, sneaking in the dark
But still you kept on torturing, and I ignored the suffering
Hoping that there still could be a spark
So I could never forgive you for stealin away my heart
Still you looked me in the eye, told me all those shitty lies
Thinking I would never figure out
So deeply I had trusted you, it ripped my heart and soul in two
When I found you lying in your lover’s arms
So I could never forgive you for stealin away my heart