Перевод песни Dave Burlingame – Stand Up

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Sunrise, shining down upon my weary head
Moonshine, knocked me out where I was standing
Can’t remember what I did or what I said
But the last thing I recall is that I had myself a ball
But now I can’t remember where I’ve been
If I could stand up — I’d be walking
Stand up! — You'd see me running
Stand up! — Although I try
Can’t seem to find a way to stand up
Slow down, I can’t understand a word that you just said
Calm down, did you say that you were leaving?
Wait a minute let me get up outta bed
Now when I finally heard the news that you said that we were through
I must admit it knocked me off my feet
Bad day, you know working 14 hours sure is tough
Good night, is what I said as i was leaving, in the words that I was heaving
I firmly do believe I’ve had enough
Now when I finally made it home and collapsed down in my chair
I hung my head and cursed the coming day