Перевод песни Dave Burlingame – It Ain't Me

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I’ve been thinking today, about my girl who went away
She said she fell in love with someone else
Now who is this man, she said was just a friend?
And who’s gonna help you defend yourself?
Well it ain’t me, since you set me free
I’ll find a little honey who will keep me company
Yes you done me wrong, but I guess it’s time that I move on
Well she says he’s a nice guy. Well baby so am I
But I never mess with someone elses girl
Now when this fling is through, tell me what you gonna do?
And who’s gonna stick around and rock your world?
Now we used to have a love written in the stars above
But now I’ve seen stars come crashing to the ground
Now when this romance ends and you’re looking for your friends
You can call for me but I won’t come around
Now who' gonna tell you stories and tuck you into bed?
And who’s gonna come and fluff that pillow for your head?
Now who' gonna care for you when you’re old and grey?
And who’s gonna look you in the eye and say «I love you» each day?