Перевод песни Народное – Twa Rigs O'Rye

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Twas in the month of sweet July
Before the sun had pierced the sky
Twas in between twa rigs o’rye
I heard twa lovers talkin'
The lad he said love I must away
I have no longer time to stay
But, I’ve a word or two to say
If yee? ve got time to tarry
Your father of you he takes great care
Your mother she combs down your yellow hair
Your sisters say that you? ll get nae share
If you gang with me, a stranger
Let my father fret and my mother mourn
My sister’s words I do disown
Though they were all deid lyin' below the ground
I? d gang with you a stranger
Oh lassie, Lassie your fortune’s small
And soon enough it will be none at all
You’re no a match for me at all
I? ll give my love to some other
Well this lassie’s courage it began to fail
Her rosy cheeks they grow wan and pale
And the tears come tricklin' doon like hail
Or sudden showers in the summer
Well he’s taken his handkerchief linen fine
He? s dried her eyes and kissed her then
Sayin' lassie oh lassie You will be mine
I said these words but to try thee
Well he bein’a lad of courage bold
A Gallus chiel scarce nineteen years old
He’s made the hills and the valleys roar
And this bonnie lass she’s gone with him
Well this couple they are married now
They have babies one and two
They live in Brechin the winter through
Aye and in Montrose in the summer