Перевод песни Michael Biddison – Hair On Fire

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The fire from my hair lights a dark parade
I could see the love or i could see the hate
Either way i know i choose
I hold some figure of a porcelain saint
And cry for a time when i’m not a slave
I pray and pray to be brave
I take off the monkey who’s got my hat
i turn around and the monkey’s back
the monkey on me is a tricky old thing
with half a heart i still insist the beauty is she still resists
until i know that my heart is burnin'
I’m a man with my hair on fire
I’m a one with my hair on fire
I’m a man with my hair on fire
The old man says as he takes his coat
Don’t look there 'less you want to go
The lake that you want is only over there
Don’t get tragic and don’t get glib
All you gotta know this is all there is all our hair’s on fire
Run together i can take the high road, take the low
Either way i know i’m gonna go at least i know
I am on my way my hair’s on fire
And that’s a fact i can go the lake
and i can run back either way
I know I’m going naked