Перевод песни Terence Leclere – Savasana

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
i walk through the air upon it /
plumeting toward /
i was never around
beyond all this soul /
this is my earth to control /
i blame it and i know /
this is the end of my existence
open air
open air
open /
descend /
disleal /
thy senses will not be stopped /
knealing hearts /
will beat /
upon the streets /
above the concrete /
shed by thee /
yes i know /
where this will go /
i will kiss you under eternal snow /
and my devices will not stop /
my compromises /
well, they’ve dropped now
wait a minute
now my heart has fallen out the door
wait a minute
my love is breaking down the door
when deciding it’s time /
when deciding your life ends /
well this was so pure in my heart in the office /
all decisions say this is it /
so why don’t you trust it wait a minute my love
wait a minute my love
we’re home