Перевод песни Sadistik; Kristoff Krane; Graham O'Brien – Hunter's Prey

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It’s a hollow feast when the hunted prey
It’s a hollow feast when the hunted prey
It’s a hollow feast when the hunted prey
It’s a hollow feast when the hunted prey
And I cannot control the ways and way that I was made
When I am weathered from the weather that’s been chasing me away
And I have prayed and I have heard all of the words that have been said
They have been played inside my head and tried to keep my mind awake
Kristoff Krane
I consume, I consume, I consume, I consume, I consume, I consume, I consume,
I consume
(How far, how far, how far does this reach?)
How far does this mandible reach with this flesh from my friends in these
cannibal teeth
That I chew and swallow the few who choose to follow me
Its a human model this is just what animals eat (lets feast)
Until the end of our days you’d make the toast I’d forget what to say
But shoot when I’m close to the sense of our prey
Before my circle of friends gets me bent out of shape
Kristoff Krane (Sadistik)
This is what I’m running from, this is what I’m running from
Hitting on the queen if it means I’m reaching 21
(I'm thunderstruck) Kiss of death (You can pucker up)
Just because I’m feeling down doesn’t mean that something’s up
I consume, I consume (till I’m ruined and blue in the face)
No more room I cocoon it’s so new (get used to the taste)
I feel so incomplete I heal until I feel the need
To bleed all over you so we can (bloom in the fumes of our waste)
Just because you cannot (see it) doesn’t mean it isn’t (there)
Justice never stands for (freedom) with a cause to play it (fair)
So this one goes to all the (voices) in my head and all the (choices)
I regret and all the (voices) I am just aware
Of the trapdoor so I stare into the glass
Step over the tracks I left before I cared about the past
I’d rather share what’s on my plate and cut it in half
Than shove my black hole with all the pieces before I pass (out)