Перевод песни Danielle Artaud; Asia Whiteacre; Khris Lorenz – Stranger, Danger

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First let’s start with a verse
Make sense of the words
Forget making it easy.
Right now you gotta find how
To get to the end,
You call me call me crazy…
I gotta feelin'
That you’re abandoning
All you set your hands on honey.
I gotta feelin'
Ya that you’re feelin'
A lot more than you planned on honey.
Oh, oh, oh
What have you got to show?
You gotta get up
Get out of your head
Building a castle in your dreams
Won’t keep you dry.
So won’t you get up
Get out of your bed
Stop feelin' sorry for yourself
When you don’t even try.
Forget the danger, danger
It’s always around
You’re gettin stranger, stranger
Get out of your head.
You’re goin oh, oh, oh na na
Oh, oh, oh oh na na na
Lay down the bricks
You break down because
You bit off more than you can chew.
Heartbreak city, your cards play pretty
But life ain’t made for TV.
I’ve gotta feelin'
That you’re abandoning all you set your hands on honey
I’ve gotta feelin'
That your eyes are a bit too big for your poor tummy
Oh, oh, oh
What have you got to show?
You’ve gotta way of playing nice
But you slow back down before you throw the dice.
The ground you walk’s as thin as ice
But you’re so far down in yourself tonight.