Перевод песни Lee Spitzer – Cassandra

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Apollo saw Cassandra
Sleeping in his temple
And Apollo wanted her love
But how to get it, though
Apollo stood before her
And said «Please lay with me
And I will give to you, girl
Cassandra saw Apollo
And accepted his gift
But then she broke her promise
Refused to lay with him
But a god cannot take back
A gift that was received
And Apollo knew that
He was deceived
Cassandra smiled at the god
She kept the gift he gave
Cassandra turned around
To walk away
Apollo begged, «One last kiss»
He kissed her lips so sweet
He said her prophecies will go
Cassandra stands at the gates
Warning of the downfall
But nobody believes her
As the Trojan horse goes past the walls
She remembers Apollo
All the pain that he brought
She will always remember
Never deceive a god