Перевод песни Lee Spitzer – Queen of B

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You see her on the internet
You fall in love you lose
She’s the Queen of B
You want to get down with her
Under a three wolf moon
She’s the Queen of B
But you know you’ll never get close
So you sit there fapping to the photos
She’s the downfall of all the guys
The girl that they all idolize
But she breaks their hearts
She does if for the LOLs
Gives them a ticket aboard the failboat
Shes the Queen of B
Guys will let her take
Anything she wants
She’s the Queen of B
Their in the palm of her had
Drinking out of cups
She’s the Queen of B
You want the cake
You know it’s right
But did you know the cake is a lie?
I saw what you did there
You’re thinking you can blend
Rule 34
Let the V-Tech kick in yeah
Fuck yeah, your time has come
But as you get ready, hurrrghh
And the consequences will never be the same