Перевод песни Sixty Long Seconds – What Would You Do

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All you see is bound by time and quickly fading through
The years will you find what you’ve been seeking?
True love will cast all fears away
What did you live your life for?
What would you do if you could change the world?
Would you care for me?
Would give me hope if all was lost?
And would you this world?
If I told could would
You use your life so I can live?
Some will leave but their lives will keep on giving
In our hearts we will remember the moments that you’ve lived for
True love remains forever and ever
Long after you’re gone it will keep on giving
Do you believe that you can change the world?
You can care for me and you can give me hope if all is lost
You can save this world if it’s your heart’s will
And you can use your life so i can live
Do you believe that you can change this?