Перевод песни Orphaned Land – Through Fire And Water

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Slippery tongues fork from my screen
Spewing such lies in the name of the green
They play the game of thrones till one wins
A rule of one liar ends and another beings
So why do we fail to see
And why in this jail are we
Living our life with the threat of fire
We’re losing again all to this mire
Money tied with power, war and bloodlust
They’ll spend our money until none of it lasts
They will send our sons to war to die for a god
That they use as a coin to barter for blood
«Yes sir, no sir" — can I go home now?
Your thirst for blood has lost me somehow
I was young when they took me;
I am a young man no more
As they used me and threw me like the army’s last whore
A children’s crusade — we are brothers in arms
A multitude of fools like a rain of falling stars
We walk the road to war while they smoke their cigars
Like a serpent forever feed on its tail
This cycle of death goes on forever gain,
And again… and again…