Перевод песни Kabaka Pyramid – Choppingz

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Wah gwaan bredda?
I’m not doing too, too, bad
Wah gwaan bredda?
I’m not doing too, too, bad
Wah gwaan bredda?
I’m not doing too, too, bad
Wah gwaan bredda?
I’m not doing too, too, bad
Wah gwaan bredda?
I’m not doing too, too, bad
Wah gwaan bredda?
I’m not doing too, too, bad
Wah gwaan bredda?
I’m not doing too, too, bad
Too, too, bad, too, too, bad
Wah gwaan Masicka?
Who this?
Kabaka this, di lyrical assaulter this
Weh link a Equiknoxx
And the di boss weh name Gasbaga gimmi a riddim and seh mi fi start a hit
Yo simme but mi would waan yuh fi come listen and spit couple bars pon it
The words dem a flow a no water this
And di message dem solid like when mata mix
Talk bout all topics, all weh di pastor miss
Tell yo son and yo daughter don’t fall for tricks
This is a flipping disaster ripping
It faster than when di Drogba kicking
A free kick always from Naldo a no pretty thing
When di kingdom a scorch yo lip
Through mi naw go quit mek dem heart a rip
And dem falter quick
Dem no smart a bit, by mi done talk dem a jump off a cliff
Have di power like Noah inna di Hark a drift
Down to aches like when yuh smoke half a spliff
Den wi laugh at it, hark and spit
Wi no fraid cause all weh dem talk a mit
Dem soft like pudding and all porridge
Flow dem stink like when fort a rip inna class
And teacher dem ask a which a di student dem buss it
And all a prince if a yuh
And yuh know yuh no part of it
Back to di topic, atton mi a dragging in di sand
And dem cyaa seh di rass no fit
How wi roll yah dem don’t know di half of it
Yolo dem don’t know di half of it
, Kabaka Pyramid and Masicka]
Wi a di boss, wi no beg nobody pass
Bebble rebel music a chop it up fast (Eh)
Wi no beg nobody pass
One motion a chop it up fast (Accurate!)
Iko yuh a i boss, Equiknoxx wi a go chop it up fast
Pabilo yuh a di boss, row knock a beg yuh chop it up fast
Kabaka, di words weh wi hark hi straight
That cause di ache, kick off di gate
Dem start debate, no pause, no break
No flaws a flake, our time pass di plate and mark di date
Early to si mi go to class mi late
Wi a fly first class and a party straight
Tell ever rass wi go Europe across di place
Di boss no fake, ital stew wi no waan no cake
Fasting 40 nights and 40 days
A tour fly pass 40 stage
Show cost di promoter lock off di gate
So wi no lost di faith all when it slow like frosted flakes
Bungle nasty ways, dem rop off di face a di earth like flowers when it pollinate
Wi no procrastinate fi go emancipate
No matter because di weight haffi toast wid
Good morning! Thank di lord mi wake
Mi formulate di plan so dem call mi great
Becah mi break di spell so no chalk no tape
Lyrics speak everybody weh a pass a shake
It pass a quake badmind inna grass a snake
Dem heart a ache, yuh no easy hi no
Wi rising like di water rate
Lyrics paw CXC, no waan no cape
Kabaka mi name, so mi cyaa be lame
Kabaka mi name, so mi cyaa be lame
Seh man a king, nuff a dem a pawn di game
Rastafari di order name
No war again, wi play war pon di border lane
Wi no part of all di fame
Nuff man a get caught up and all a get born again
When mi get pon di track wid di big Masicka dem a go seh
That mi gone insane