Перевод песни Charly Steinhauer – Day of Judgement

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
As long as people live on earth
They talk about a sense
And surely there’s a man in here
Proclaiming «Planet ends!»
Prophecy’s never sure
It’s entertainment pure of the cure
Day of judgment kills!
End of agreement!
There’s anger between man and God
The one with many names
Commandments that we hurt too hard
Too many mortal sins
Humility is lost
Hearts of us made of frost
Pay the cost!
Day of judgment kills!
End of agreement!
Claws unchaining gates open hell
Shake hands with the fallen one
Earth! The needles up on the peak
Ruthless demons, tyrants speak
Saints confess to army of pain
Warriors get together now
Curse! Control of heaven is gone
Hell does celebrate the new sons
2012, 2012, all lives
End or the world survives
Date arrives
Day of judgment kills!
End of agreement!
God has fulfilled!