Перевод песни Disgrace – Unity's Interlude Dyes Blind Tomorrow

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Man watches the world with closed eyes
He aspires after the colours of completeness
Reaching his hand to the gasping tomorrow
And he finds: «All is not the same…»
Man wrapped himself in a black gown
Rambling in the verdant valleys of eternity
Vagrant begs for a coin for his depression
Man laughs and goes away
He picks up fragments from the ground
And sells 'em to some ignorant shapes
From tears he builds up brooks
Where lunacy’s bark boats sail
He dispels sorrow with recorder
Tones of griefs soar away
Pain and pleasure have involved into one
But the eye of time has faded
Apathy and disgust merged
And seas are divided
Anticipation is over at last
And sunset glow’s brilliancy of colours celebrates it
Unity has involved in its cloak
Everybody has disappeared in vanity
Still there’s footprints in the snow
And they lead us up to the north…