Перевод песни Mikael Castervall – The Storms

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Darkened sky blackens the sight
Bleak moon is the only light
Endless path of devastation
Vast plain for termination
Tomb of dead worlds
Dying to see the day
Sky engulfed in flames
We’re doomed to die…
Feel the call of the cemetery
Everyday is a dark demise
Whole generations born to die
The last days on Earth override
Walking down the fields
Of what’s left of a dying world
Where the storms roar from the depths
And where the seasons don’t change
A never ending nuclear winter
Will stay 'till the end of time
Storms increasing day by day
Mankind will never… Survive
Forever closed are the gates to life
To die beyond eternity
One last try to reach the light
To be granted immortality