Перевод песни Jessica Bowen – Tauti

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Evil nests in a fertile mind, it incubates and burns
They call out your name in your deep dreams
Now it’s too late to return
Those demons will linger and hover 'round
and watch you while you rest
Now angels return, they’ve lost their hope
As daggers pierce your chest
All hope’s vanished — now you are all on your own
Those who follow — lose their way and stand alone
Saint’s damnation — your fall from grace will rape the light
Daylight banished — for you it’s eternal night!
There is a witch who combs the skies
and lives in the core of the sun
She waits for your soul to be at peace
When it won’t have time to run
Then poisonous thoughts she will inject
into your innocent brain
You were so afraid to be different
Now you’ll never be the same!
Bed of feathers — brittle lies the sleeping lamb
Wayward victim under her supreme command
Shows no mercy, you are under her control
The barren harlor owning your immortal soul!