Перевод песни Cristián Ignacio Redard, Rodrigo Aboitiz – Obsolete

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
It’s going slower
than it’s ever gone before.
We’re looking floppy,
feeling quite unsure;
we’re starting in Safe Mode.
‘Cause it’s as basic as your CMD,
though you’re aware you cannot command me,
so I’m overwriting.
I’ve made up my mind:
there’s no more Ctrl+Z.
Feels like we’re stuck,
am I giving you the boot?
I’ve got a spreadsheet
of the reasons why
I’m not compatible with you.
‘Cause lately I’ve not been afraid to say
this yestertech is getting in the way.
So take your time now,
with your hourglass,
Defrag it and it shall pass.
Ctrl+Alt+Del — and I reset us.
Maybe I can see what’s slowing us down so much.
Ctrl+Alt+Del — I try again ‘cause
we’re so obsolete.
Ctrl+Alt+Del — something’s not working.
No memory free. Don’t wanna freeze up again.
Ctrl+Alt+Del — I try again ‘cause
we’re so obsolete.
404 Not Found,
and you’re lying on the ground,
wondering if you should’ve backed it up.
But I’m really a 410,
‘cause I’m Gone, and then again,
403, ‘cause you’re now Forbidden.