Перевод песни Jennifer Schott, Kylie Sackley – Get Outta My Heart

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I left your things scattered in the front yard
Spilled some crazy glue into your mouth guard
Consider it just a little parting gift you’re welcome
I changed my facebook status to single
Told all your friends that I am ready to mingle
Don’t take a genius to catch my drift
My name is pay back and I am a princess
Get outta my hair, get outta my prayers
Get outta my car, oh
Get outta my bed, get outta my head,
Get outta my, get outta my heart
I sold your promise ring for a quarter
To that old homeless man down on the corner
Threw in your favorite shirt for free
Ha He said he wasn’t that cold
Repeat Chorus
You cheat on me your gonna learn
You play with fire your gonna burn
Yeah it’s a real shame we didn’t last
Don’t let the door hit you in the aaa…
Repeat Chorus