Перевод песни Matthew James Farley – Poop in My Fingernails

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You know I wipe really hard,
and my toilet paper is weak
Sometimes I break right through and my fingernail is rubbing
up against my poopy butt-cheek
and I am completely unaware
of what’s goin' on down there,
until I pull my finger out of my butt and I stare at
Poop in my fingernails poop poop poop in my fingernails
Poop in my fingernails when the toilet paper breaks
there is nothing left standing in between
poop and you’re fingernails
and you’re never truly gunna get it completely clean
poop in my fingernails
poop in my fingernails
everytime I try to clean it up i fail
never ever ever ever gunna win
Because the fecal matter is hiding deep down where the nail meets the skin
in my fingernails poop in my fingernails
tried a clipper, tried a brush
scrubby dub scrubby dub dub
and you’re only gunna get so much
when the toilet paper breaks
there’s nothing left standing inbetween
poop and your fingernails
and you’re never gunna get them completely clean
if you want the cleanliness, of your fingernails to improve
go down to the nail salon and ask them if they’ll remove
every one of your fingernails
I know, i know it might seem extreme
but i’m tellin you that’s the only way