Перевод песни Robert B Cooley – Trinity Defends

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out of the womb rivaling doom
earth couldnt make enough room
for a soul so expansive yeah
stories begin some never end
trinitys will never dim
let us recount some in glances
once upon a time
there was a girl
who had curls in her hair
could stop the world with her bright bright stare
but never without help
sally and selfie would stand at her side
they never ran never had to hide
they wont come one at a time she said
theyll all attack us at once instead
our only choice is to hold our ground
until we can reach the door to the castle burn it down
on her horse she rides the lands forsaken
trinity defends them aaaaaaallll
never more will they haunt the lands
shes taken uh
trinity defends them aaaaalll from evil
once their at the castle
they call the lizard king to come forth
but he brings out his last ditch force
the mightiest of men
reserved to protect his keep from a fall but not the people inside his walls
just as soon as the girls ascend
theyve defeated all of the kings men
there are dues that he must repay
to the kingdom he led astray
if they kill him hell be replaced
hell return if hes sent aaaaaaway
their only choice is to make him stay
with the women and men he didnt defend to seal his faaaaaaaaaaate
on her horse she rides the lands forsaken
yeah trinity defends them aaaaaaalll
never more will they haunt the laaaaands
shes taken yeah
trinity dfends them aaaaaal from evilll
trinity defends them aaaaaaalll
from evil