Перевод песни Brian E. Dalessandro, Matthew D. Miller, Paolo Codega, Sean R. Glassman – Hotel Glass

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
The outside world it moves too fast
When staring through the hotel glass
We’re on a beach vacation
Without the beach without the vacation
We can’t try to escape the city walls
So we check into some place
That we pass along the way
She looks like she’s been always stranded on
An island where she drank up all the sun
And she makes your blood get warmer
As she rests herself against your side
The evening hours they wrap you up
And time slows down until
We see that morning has come
The car pulls up we make it wait
We’re strangers once we start the day
My heart is on my sleeve yet you have them
So convinced
Through every door there is a spy
Their prying eyes
Are catching every glance
I hate to wait