Перевод песни Cruz Contreras – The Distance

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Hey little darlin show your face to me
I ll do your bidding, would you belong to me?
Would you belong to me?
I m not your darling and yours I ll never be
Once I loved truly, he s dead now and I long to be
He s dead now and I long to be
Hey little darlin I once loved true and rare
My love has flown I am alone, with you my love I would share
With you my love I would share
I m not your darling and my love can t be bought
There s no man in this whole world who ll ever know my heart
Who ll ever know my heart
Hey little darlin as I ride away
Call to your love on high, for I d only marry thee
For I d only marry thee
You ll not call me darlin and you ll not call me bride
My true love is waitin fare thee well now you must ride
Fare thee well now you must ride