Перевод песни Thundra – Blood Of Your Soul

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Times by ten the encounter will unfold to decide what awaits the crypted one
To none the time will see what awakes in fulfilment
To open shallow fares over skies to be closed
This is said that none will ever hang from the open sky
Danger are thou to see the times are two
Now we see that winnings to be done, what passion to awake
In despair by the ground you walk on hollow thoughts inprint your mind
By blessed upon your spirits will rise, to encounter the battle ahead
These flames to your night will assist your ongoing struggle to overcome your
deepest fear
Feelings appear by the stars, to recive the blood of your soul
Swallow the pain…
What passion to awake…
This to show all that are disbelief that it is time, no one will feel the agony
in your being
To enslave a mind of dominance of god’s are but one force
Inprinted with fear the first day of light, with ignorance you obey the tone
you hate
No one to enlighten your tired soul, this is supposed to be your only fate
Fools they all seem follow the path, this to ensure no one astray
Seems to be no way to get out, to see the real only way
Disilusions is framed into a weakend mind, to find the things you do not know
Stench flows up through the ground, but there is no time to show
Eradicate your will to uphold there is no stopping to this shade
Feel the darkness flow throught your bone, feel the seizure fade
Fly with the fear you shall, to overcome
Not alone with a mind beaten to blood, by endless pain
Inner selves that threat the existence by time this we must use
Walk on leafs to become one with the wind of soul, to be a soul
Try the dwellings of the past, find your innerself by the winds they fly
To see the true soul of the old ones, by god there is no stopping to it all
By fire it all will end
This is the time of flow, to see the battle that will end
No time like present there is to see, waste memories seen to erase
Time and time again they fade, like personalities in your face
Clustering to the old fading hopes, the challenge still remains
Nothing is what you all see all you see is all but pain
Dwell upon the twilight worlds, into the skies that follow deep
On them that do not feel, see the flock of foolish sheep