Перевод песни The Elwins – I Miss You and I

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I wanna know
What you are and how you like to grow
And if you feel like you’re on your own, when you’re alone
Do you wanna be up here with me?
I paint it twice, only to get the image right
And I had just a little bite of sweet tonight
I hope that’s fine
Don’t think you’ll mind
Don’t be up in the clouds today
Unless you think it’s a Saturday
We haven’t been closer
But farther and older
You’re the one who holds me so right
I need you here, I need you tight
When you’re gone I can’t help but cry
I miss you dear, I miss you and I
On the beach together you and I could be
Singing harmonies happily, oh in the sand
Or on a cool beach towel
You’d bring the treats, I’d bring iced meats