Перевод песни Stetsasonic – Walkin In The Rain

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
There was a time, the stormy times of the past
Doubts and questions, can you and I last?
You stood beside me through the thick and thin
With that look in your eyes-- «Hey Delite, where you been?»
I held you close, that April morning it rained
Knew as we kissed that we both felt the same
And as the raindrop seemed to dance in your hair
The words you whisper touched me everywhere
And I’m a montain high, you’re a valley low
You’re a river wide enough, can stop the flow
So as we walk and talk, and romance in the rain
Know that my message for you is still the same
The guys roll up and honk the horn from the tour bus
Me and you, you and I, just the two of us
Standing in between the hallway doors
And your face faces the floor as if you’ll never see me anymore
But listen love and never-the-less
Would I dream of leavin' you cause in my book you’re the best
I made the best young woman that I’ve had in a lifetime
The Mrs. Human Mix Machine, some day a wife of mine
The thought of us apart it makes my heart beat fast
And out of breath I start to get cause I feel that we have’ta
Make it work in any problem that we have we’ll solve
Cause this is one relationship that will never dissolve
On and on, to and fro is how our love goes
And what I feel for you nobody knows
And at tour time after my show
I go to my room to call you and yo
The feeling I received gets into my bones
And like the rightest side of darkness the Dad gets a Love Jones
And now I’m coming home to your open arms
And I remember as good as Pepperidge Farms
Your touch, your kiss and personality
How you caress the Dad and what it means to me
For you to be there whenever I call
It’s so dope cause you’re my all in all