Перевод песни Spitback – Back Down Again

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
For all my friends and for myself
For every weakness in my head
For every dream that will come true
Forever me but never you
Here I am back on my feet
Across the distance is where I slip
For what we living we want to believe
The pain within will set us free
You’ve got to look me in the eyes
Blood and pain for me and for my pride
I’ll spit back on your stupid fashion
I’m begging for a little action
I hate your stupid politics
I’m gonna shake you by all means
I’m gonna wipe out every smile
I’m gonna smash every denial
I’ll shallow not your hatred seeds
I’ll blossom my own -- then I’ll seize
Backdown -- Backdown
Spit back and then Backdown again
Forever will be broken
Backdown again to life
For me and for my pride