Перевод песни Spitback – All I

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Pushing me again I just met the other way
I just know the face inside is like the devil’s blood
Pushing me again I just met the other way
First time I thought this was my last, this was my last desire
My future killed, my future killed forever and I ignore
I ignore the pain, ignore the teach of everything.
I ignore the time, ignore the time.
Oh! Don’t want to believe.
Yes! This is the day
And I can’t now face the truth
Cause somebody takes the flame
All I want to say
I’ve got nothing more
And all I try to be the man who close the door
Why do I stay, why do I try to fix another love
Nobody cares, nobody wants to loose the stupid thoughts
So left the life, so left the dreams I used to fucking love
I can’t control, I can’t go on
Change is not the thing I know
Too late, too late
Catch myself