Перевод песни Riding The Low – Why Must You Be Away?

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Why must you be away
From me now
From my grasp
Cuts like razors
Like their smoke
In my throat
Cuts figures out
And it stings like rope
I’m away
Like old Bluey’s wounded eyes
Seize the means
Make matters work
I’m amused how puppets jerked
I’m joking
I’m not alone in this life
I got you’s
I got goals
Just in case you are away
I was opposed a little bit
Why should I lie like that
It’s like my head is rocked right
Back and forth
Knocked right off its post
You’re a bird
I’m a snake
I’m confused how people talk
Open smiles
Just like that
Just like that you are well away
But I’m so damn miserable
I’m away
Wailing walls this city grates
I’m okay to get my case
Loaded up with mistakes to learn from
I was a fool in my last life
I was a joke
You are the voice of reason
I am the choke
I was appalled a little bit
Why should I lie like that?
The strength in me comes
When I’m standing upright
Can’t cut through my soul
Yeah, they won’t find out
But you better not fuck it up