Перевод песни Riding The Low – What Has the Universe Done for Me Lately?

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You’re my brother and I never believed it
The biggest cuddle and you never received it
Twenty years and the situation’s dead again
Lost your bottle and you never retrieved it
Is it the language you find misleading?
I will never lose another brother to you out there
And I’m alone against them
Now I’m 'no-go'
Wow! He’s born a man
I am alone against them
Now I’m loco
Gone Again
Yes the universe is good at receiving
It’s a notion that I sort of believe in
I’m not saying that I’ve never had a moment of doubt
Like a sparrow tangled up in a dogfight
If it’s a challenge then I’m taking it up
Bleed my colours 'til I’m deadened just like everyone
And I’m alone
Damn you old mother universe
Damn you 'ho'
God gifted us the universe
My mum said so
Tired old gal of the universe
Send them home
You were one in a million
Fuck the universe
What has it done for me?
I wanna go with you
Go with you
Give me another little go with you
Go with you
I wanna know
Setting them up
Knocking them down
Just like the old days
Setting them up
Knocking them down
Back to you old ways